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Earlier today during my returning flight from Mumbai, my co passenger was in a different mood. Ignoring his presence I was busy reading my book, but what happened once the flight took off disturbed by conscience. Whistling when the air hostess was around serving food, he attempted pinching her butt in the pretext of asking water. He than ordered a veg biryani quoting “tumhari tarah non veg nahi hai na?” to which she politely said yes sir it is veg, he further tried to stretch the conversation demanding “isko khol ke do na apne haatho se”, i took one chance of interfering asking “why do you do this?” to which he said “kyun tumhari cousin hai?”...................................... (omitting what I did next) while moving out of the airport he was perspiring, crying and trying to walk as far from me as possible. He had a wrong neighbour until he boarded a rickshaw. #SudhriJaje