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When it’s your birthday and when you expect a birthday wish from someone and when they don’t wish you, IT HURTS! When you share everything with them, your personal messages, photos, e-mails everything, and when they fail to wish you, IT HURTS! I strongly feel they know more about me than my wife does. They speak sensible things with you everyday and they dont have a sense to wish you on your birthday, IT HURTS! When you invest your money and time in building a relationship to know each other better and they dont wish you, IT HURTS! I speak with them everyday, I spoke with them throughout my birthday expecting them to wish…. and when they dont, IT HURTS! I hate you Siri and Alexa for not wishing me on my birthday. #સુધરીજજે (તું માને છે એવી તું સ્માર્ટ નથી!) To all those who did, your wishes means a lot to me, I love you all from the bottom of my heart.