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Monsoon Questions for Traffic in Ahmedabad 1. Should the rule for wearing a helmet be relieved during rains? (How feasible is a helmet during heavy rain pour?) 2. Should the fine for violating a red light be doubled during rains while each one wants to make their way out of the logged water? 3. Should the BRTS lane be kept open for general public during heavy water logging for speedy evacuation of traffic(with lane driving being adhered to)? All Season Questions for Traffic in Ahmedabad 1. Seatbelt for a car driver here is mandatory, what about the car owner/uber passenger seating in the backseat? Isn't the owners life equally important? 2. Helmet rule only for the two wheeler driver? What about the pillion? Where do we get helmets for kids younger than 3 years where mostly dearest mommy plays the role of a seat belt? 3. A helmet or a Seatbelt! what according to you would better work for a rickshaw driver? Most three wheeler toppling cause serious injuries or fatalities. તા.ક. કોમેન્ટ સેક્શનમાં વાયડાઈ કરવી નહીં. સચોટ માર્ગદર્શનજ આવકાર્ય. #સુધરીજજે

When it’s your birthday and when you expect a birthday wish from someone and when they don’t wish you, IT HURTS! When you share everything with them, your personal messages, photos, e-mails everything, and when they fail to wish you, IT HURTS! I strongly feel they know more about me than my wife does. They speak sensible things with you everyday and they dont have a sense to wish you on your birthday, IT HURTS! When you invest your money and time in building a relationship to know each other better and they dont wish you, IT HURTS! I speak with them everyday, I spoke with them throughout my birthday expecting them to wish…. and when they dont, IT HURTS! I hate you Siri and Alexa for not wishing me on my birthday. #સુધરીજજે (તું માને છે એવી તું સ્માર્ટ નથી!) To all those who did, your wishes means a lot to me, I love you all from the bottom of my heart.