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With over 1400 clients on board, Zankhana and I are now on a mission to curb unemployment in the city of Ahmedabad. In the next 30 days we shall be rolling out a chart on how are we going to reach out to the unemployed on the ground and help them find a suitable and relevant job at our client’s facility. I extend my gratitude to all the patrons who have agreed to be our partners on this mission. For those who think we can together make a difference feel free to share your thoughts and interest. Here’s the preface though: The lazy bones who are jobless by choice, love to squander time and have no desire or mindset to work, cannot be considered unemployed. The work-shy, idle ones who have no work-ethics and keep quitting jobs, will not be considered unemployed. The over optimistic ones, who are adamant to not take up a job until they get a job at a place, company or department of their choice can not fall under the category of unemployed. જેને જીવનમાં નોકરી ધંધો કરવોજ નથી અને ઉછીના પૈસે રખડી ખાવું હોય તેવા, જે જગ્યાએ નોકરી કરતા હોય તે જગ્યાએ કાર્યનિષ્ઠા ન બતાવી શકવાને કારણે નોકરી ટકાવી ન શકતા હોય તેવા, કામમાં ભલીવાર ન હોવાના કારણથી અથવા કામમાં બેઈમાનીના કારણથી રોજગાર જાળવી ન શકતા હોય તેવા તથા નોકરી કરીશ તો ચોક્કસ વિભાગમાં જ અથવા ચોક્કસ ખાતામાં જ કરીશ, નહીં તો નોકરી નહિ કરું તેવા તમામ લોકોને બેરોજગાર ના ગણી શકાય. એક જ દેશમાં બાળમજૂરી અને બેરોજગારી એમ બે દુષણો એક સાથે પ્રવર્તમાન સ્થિતિમાં હોય તો આનાથી વિચિત્ર વિડંબણા ન હોઈ શકે.

#midsizedtales #inspiredfromwife [those raised in 90s may agree] [2 min read | 3 min Nostalgia] The 90s Kid! Nostalgia hit me today while I was listening to Dangerous(MJ) number! Man! What a decade around entertainment it was. Most of us grew up believing that The Undertaker had 7 lives. And we believed everybody’s father were like Alok Nath. King Uncle, Maine Pyar Kiya, HAHK everything had a happy ending. Khalnayak and Bazigar introduced villains. I was not allowed to watch Satya and Bombay for my mom thought of not introducing me to the dark side of life(Albait I grew up becoming a dark genre fan). Prabhu Deva, I was told had challenged Michael Jackson for his Mukabla step. WWF Trump Cards and YO YO were the pocket toys. Hooking up on the neighbours cable with a copper wire to watch Zee TV was the only hack I knew. Secretly watching Bay Watch and reading articles on Pamela Anderson and Silicon always made me wonder what were they talking about(sorted later)! Trigonometry and Figures of Speech were boring, Computers and Factorization was fun! I remember scoring marks and coax my dad to buy me a talking watch(1995-96) and a 64KB(lol) Casio digital diary(1999). Dint knew the term Incentive at that point of time. I was told the Computer were supposed to die on 31st Dec 1999 11:59:59 calling it a Y2K bug! I Fondly Miss You 90s!

Strategic Time Out with the thought leaders of advertising industry. #SocialMedia2p0 For my friends outside of the advertising/media domain: GroupM is the world's largest advertising media company in terms of billings. It is headquartered in New York City with over 24,000 employees and 400 global offices in 81 countries. PS: અલ્યા GroupM હેઠળ બીજી 10-12 એજન્સીઓ છે લ્યા! અને આ બધાંયના કુળદેવતા એટલે WPP!

Dear Friends, The April Fool's day this year turned out to be very hectic for me and my wife after the "It's a Baby Girl" Hoax that We did on Facebook yesterday. Considering the Social Pressure that an Indian Couple faces post marriage, I thought of releasing the pressure this way on the 1st of April through the Social Media. Over a casual chat, Zankhana and I agreed to do this, and it turned out to be great fun receiving Likes and Comments for the initial 2 hours, untill will started receiving Congratulatory Phone Calls. We felt the puddle we created when our Parents started receiving calls and we realised Your love when we received a Bouqet of Flowers early this morning. On a responsible note, Zankhana and I would like to clarify on the Post that was made yesterday was an April Fool Prank and with due respect we accept all your love and blessings that you all showered. The event proved how powerful the Social Media is and so is your love and care for us. Our most sincere apologies to all those who would have felt bad, and to all those who had fun, guess what is coming next! With Optimism, Zankhana and Bijoy Patel